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Use of Cookies

This website uses Cookies to provide enhanced functionality to visitors, to gather analytical data to improve performance, to personalize content and displayed advertising depending on your interests, as well as to provide information regarding our various insurance products and services.

1. What Is a Cookie?
A cookie is an identifier allocated from a web server when accessing a website, which is saved on your computer as a file (“Cookie”, or collectively “Cookies”). If you have allowed the transmission and reception of Cookies in your browser settings, a website can acquire these Cookies from your browser.
2. Cookies Used on Our Website
Our website uses the following types of Cookies. (As of March 1, 2021)
3. Disabling Cookies
You can disable Cookies via your browser settings.
You can still use this website even if you disable Cookies, but you may not be able to use many of the website’s functions. Please refer to the following URLs on how to change the Cookie settings in the major browsers.
4. Notes
This policy for Cookies is subject to change without prior notice.
In addition, this website may use some Cookies not listed herein.

Use of Web Beacons

The Company may occasionally use web beacons on this website to quantify the number of visitors to the site and for the purposes of usability analysis. A web beacon is a mechanism that uses cookies to track users' access information and collect statistical data. Web beacons, like cookies, do not identify individual users. You may choose to set your browser to reject web beacons.