To Be a Good Company

Procedures for Disclosure, etc. Requests

1. Request Method

Please direct requests for any notice of the Purpose of Use, disclosure (including disclosure of third party-provided records), amendment, etc. (amendment, addition, or deletion), or suspension of use (suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of third-party provision) of retained personal data under the Privacy Act to the contact information listed below. We will send you the Company’s prescribed request document. Please send it to the Company’s designated contact information after filling out the necessary matters on the request document. At that time, please also send the following documents for the purpose of verifying the identity of the requesting party and identifying the requesting party’s retained personal data or third party-provided records. Please be aware that the requesting party will bear the expenses for sending the request document, etc.

2. Fees

We will charge 1,000 yen (including consumption tax) as the fee for the request in regard to a notice of the Purpose of Use and a request for disclosure of retained personal data.
In addition, if it is clear that the expenses to implement disclosure, including for processing, etc. of data subject to disclosure, will exceed that amount, we may additionally charge the amount equal to the actual expenses corresponding to the details of your request. With regard to this point, we will separately contact you with an estimated fee amount in advance.
Please transfer the fees to the account designated by the Company. Please be aware that the requesting party will bear the transfer fees.

3. Response Method

We will confirm and investigate, etc. the request details for Disclosure, etc. Requests that we receive, and after confirming the deposit for requests that require fees, we will respond to you by an appropriate method (including by means of having you visit the Company and playing video or audio in person). We will respond to the individual in question even in the case of a request by an agent, except in the case of a request by a statutory agent.
We may not be able to comply with your Disclosure, etc. Request if, for example, complying with your request would pose a risk to the life, body, or property or other rights or interests of a third party, if it would risk significantly impeding the appropriate conduct of the Company’s operations, or if it would violate laws and regulations, and in that case, we will communicate that reason to you.

4. Contact Information