History of Former Tokio Marine

1879 August

Tokio Marine Insurance Company established (capital: 600,000 yen)

Started selling cargo insurance

August - December Started operations in Busan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong
1880 September Started operations in the U.K., France, and the U.S.
1884 February Started selling marine hull insurance
1890 November

Renamed Tokio Marine Insurance Company, Limited

Tokio Marine Insurance Company

1891 January Meiji Fire Insurance Company, Ltd. established
1894 July

Sent Kenkichi Kagami to London to look into agency operations in the U.K.

Kenkichi Kagami
Kenkichi Kagami

1896 June Established Osaka Branch, first branch in Japan
1899 June Appointed Willis Faber & Co. in the U.K. as agent
1911 November Appointed Appleton and Cox, Inc. in the U.S. as sole agent (began writing marine risk insurance operations)
1914 March Began writing fire, transit, and auto insurance as the first insurer in Japan
1918 April Renamed The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
May Appointed Johnson & Higgins in the U.S. as sole agent (began fire insurance operations)

Tokio Marine Building head office completed (Japan’s first full-scale office building)

The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

1919 March Mitsubishi Marine and Fire Insurance established
1924 March Started making relief payment to policy holders who fell victim to Great Kanto Earthquake
1930 February Tokio Marine Building Annex completed
1933 November Established The General Insurance Institute of Japan  (donated 1 million yen)
1937 April Established Tokio Marine Sports Foundation
1939 October Established Kagami Memorial Foundation
1944 March Tokio Marine, Meiji Fire and Mitsubishi Marine merged to form Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (capital: 80 million yen)
1945 August World War II ended. Lost all assets and business networks outside Japan
1950 April Resumed underwriting non-yen denominated marine cargo insurance
1951 October Started mechanization of operations
1955 December Started selling automobile liability insurance
1956 January Resumed direct writing in the U.S. through Appleton and Cox, Inc.
May Resumed direct writing in Europe through Willis Faber & Co.
1957 December Started selling liability insurance
1963 August Issued American depositary receipt in the U.S.
1965 July Installed insurance counseling counter
1966 June Started selling earthquake insurance
1969 April Started selling long-term general insurance
1970 September Established Tokio Marine U.K. in the U.K.
1973 January Established America Latina Companhia de Seguros in Brazil
1974 February Implemented auto insurance online system
March Tokio Marine Building main building completed
1976 November Established Tokio Marine Management, Inc. in the U.S.
1977 April Launched “GoGo Strategy ” (3-year plan to strengthen corporate structure toward 100th anniversary of establishment)
1979 April Started selling reserve-type family traffic personal accident insurance
August Celebrated 100th anniversary of establishment
1980 April Launched New Step-1 plan (5-year plan to strengthen corporate structure toward start of company’s second century)
1984 May Created new company sign through introduction of CI
1985 April Launched ToPS 5-year plan (Mid-Term Business Plan aiming to grow into comprehensive safe service industry )
December Established Tokio Marine MC Asset Management Co., Ltd.
1986 December Tokio Marine Building Annex completed
1987 January Established Tokio Marine Medical Service Co., Ltd.
1988 October Launched ETS (third comprehensive mechanization)
1989 January Established Tokio Marine Anshin 110 Co., Ltd.
April Started over-the-counter sale of government bonds
1990 April Launched IC-3 Plan
May Established Tokio Marine Europe in the U.K.
1991 March Net premiums written exceeded 1 trillion yen for first time among non-life insurance companies in Japan
December Established Tokio Marine Capital Co., Ltd.
1992 April Established the Tokio Marine Research Institute
September Capital exceeded 100 billion yen for first time among non-life insurance companies in Japan
1993 April

Established corporate philosophy and policy

Launched IC-95 plan

1995 May Established Tokio Marine Human Resources Academy Co., Ltd.
1996 April Launched “Shinrai 21 plan —A Commitment to the New Century”
June Established Tokio Marine Better Life Service Co., Ltd.

Established Tokio Marine Risk Consulting Co., Ltd.

Established Tokio Marine Anshin Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

1999 April Launched “Big Challenge 2001—Initiatives for the 21st Century”
October Launched “365-Day Anshin Service” (providing non-life services on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
November Established Tokio Marine Outsourcing Management Co., Ltd.
2000 March Established Tokio Millennium Re (reinsurance company)
September Formed Millea Insurance Group with Asahi Life Insurance and Nichido Fire & Marine Insurance
2001 January Reached consensus with Nichido Fire about establishment of joint holding company
July Started operations of Tokio Marine Customer Center (the largest in the industry)
2002 April

Launched “Breakthrough 2003 Plan—Building New Corporate Value”

Established Millea Holdings, Inc., becoming its subsidiary with Nichido Fire


Introduced executive officer system

Signed memorandum of understanding regarding business alliance with People’s Insurance Company of China in China and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. in Korea

Started selling “Cho Hoken”

November Made Tokio Marine Financial Solutions Ltd. (formerly First Chicago Tokio Marine Financial Products Ltd.) wholly owned subsidiary
2003 January Announced cancellation of business merger with Asahi Life
March Formed business and capital alliance with Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
October Tokio Marine Anshin Life Insurance and Nichido Life merged to form Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
2004 February Obtained license to engage in non-life insurance business with local companies and individuals in China as the first Japanese company
April Launched Mid-Term Business Plan “Nextage 2005– Execution–”