To Be a Good Company


Declaration of Corporate Compliance

The trust of our customers is the foundation of all of our corporate activities. We are fully aware that strict compliance is crucial in putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice and in providing the safety and security necessary in order to contribute to the continuing economic aspirations of an affluent and comfortable society. The rules in which we abide by in persuit of the above are laid out in the Code of Conduct. Compliance and the following of the Code of Conduct are top priorities for all of us during our day-to-day operations.

Hiroaki Shirota
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Compliance and Code of Conduct

As part of the Tokio Marine Group, Tokio Marine & Nichido recognizes and observes the Tokio Marine Group Code of Conduct as the company’s Code of Conduct.

Response to anti-social forces

Tokio Marine Nichido shall, in accordance with its corporate philosophy and compliance declaration, make every effort to respond to all anti-social forces in an appropriate manner by positioning the severance of relationships with them and the refusal of unfair demands from them, etc. as fundamental matters in the practice of its corporate philosophy.

Policies for management of conflict-of-interest transactions, etc.

Tokio Marine Nichido shall, in accordance with "The Tokio Marine Group's Management Policies for Conflict-of-interest Transactions, etc.," make an utmost effort to see that all its directors and employees stick always to such Policies and thus manage those transactions, etc. in such a way that clients' interest should never be impaired unfairly.

Points to note concerning international compliance

In addition to the resolutions adopted by the United Nations Security Council, various sanctions and limitations aimed for the purposes of security, etc. have been resolved and enforced by the European Union, U.S.A., United Kingdom, etc.
As a member of the Tokio Marine Group that engages in business activities on a global basis, Tokio Marine & Nichido has adopted a policy to ensure international compliance.
Providing coverage, paying insurance claims and providing other services, etc. for a party or transaction, etc. subject to any sanction or limitation can result in a breach of such sanction or limitation.
Therefore, please understand that in cases where there is a possibility of breaching a sanction or limitation, Tokio Marine & Nichido may not perform these aforesaid acts (with respect to insurance claims, any claims related to these sanctions and limitations will be excluded from payment regardless of the terms of the insurance contract).
Furthermore, from the perspective of enhancing explanations to customers, Tokio Marine & Nichido may add a "sanction limitation and exclusion clause" and the like in the terms of insurance to offer guidance to customers. An example of the standard additional clause is available on the website of the General Insurance Association of Japan. For details, please follow the link below: