To Be a Good Company

Corporate Strategy

Mid-term business plan "Transformation ("X") and Challenge to Growth 2023: Most Chosen for Quality and Passion"

The mid-term business plan starting from fiscal 2021 is based on the concept, "Transformation ("X") and Challenge to Growth 2023: Aiming to be the company most chosen for quality and its passion". We aim to realize the Company's Purpose to be there for customers and local communities in their times of need and achieve sustainable growth while contributing to resolving social issues.

The business environment surrounding the insurance industry is changing at a faster pace than ever due to changes in demographics, advances in technologies such as autonomous driving and AI, and longer-term trends such as the intensification and frequent occurrence of natural disasters, as well as further progress in digitalization due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While these changes in the business environment pose a threat, we consider them to be excellent opportunities for transformation and the creation of new value.

Our long-term vision is to be “a company that provides customers with a sense of security, is selected by customers and has consistent growth – To Be a Good Company for 100 Years and Beyond –”. Toward that end, we aim to secure a competitive advantage through quality and promote the initiative and ambition embodied in our Purpose to be there for customers and local communities in their times of need. As we work to resolve social issues, we also aim for substantial growth together with our sales agents.


Achieving our Purpose to "protect customers and local communities in their times of need" and to grow through the resolution of social issues.

Five social issues that we will approach as priorities

  • Global climate change and increasing natural disasters
  • Increased burden of long-term care and healthcare due to the aging of society and advances in medical technology
  • Various changes in the environment caused by technological innovation
  • Creating a symbiotic society and responding to the novel coronavirus
  • Industrial infrastructure supporting economic growth and innovation

Enhancing the power of insurance (problem-solving ability) and strategic pillars for achieving the above.

  • Creating value through DX
  • Increasing diversity and job satisfaction
  • Transforming our corporate ethos and culture to support our challenges

Promotion by our Mirai Project

2.Initiatives under the mid-term business plan